iPhone XR VS XS Max

iPhone XR VS XS Max

iPhone XR VS XS Max

At the end of this comprehensive review of both phones iPhone XR VS XS Max, you will be able to choose which phone to buy next!

iPhone XS Max may be the best phone. Still, iPhone XR has got all the same technology at a lower price, which is excellent for all the users who want to enjoy all the features but at a lower price. The same camera, storage, and battery. This phone is soon to be as one of the perfect designs and technology ever launched by Apple in a very affordable range.

So let’s start the compare the 2 of the latest iPhone models, the iPhone XR VS iPhone XS Max!

XS Max has got great reviews, but in terms of pricing, you can get an XR as low as 449$ (trade-in deals). So, both of the phones have got to be on the top lists of the mobile industry. But let’s take a comprehensive look into both of the phones and their specifications.

iPhone XR VS XS Max Specs Table

iPhone XRiPhone XS Max
DisplayLCD 6.1 Inches(17,92 x 828 Px)OLED 6.5 Inches(2688 x 1242 Px)
Face IDYesYes
ProcessorA12 BionicA12 Bionic
Storage64GB, 128GB, 256GB64GB, 256GB, 512GB
B/CameraSingle 12MP (f/1.8)Dual 12MP Wide (f/1.8) telephoto(f/2.4)
F/Camera7Mp f/2.27MP f/2.2
FrameAluminumStainless Steel
ColorsBlack, white, yellow, red, blue, coralGold, Silver, Space Gray
Size5.9 x 3.0 x 0.3 Inches6.2 x 3.0 x 0.3 Inches


Well, generally speaking, the XS Max is more potent than the XR in terms of display. Because the XS Max has a 6.5 inch OLED screen with a high resolution of 2688 x 1242 Pixels. Apple has compromised on XR’s Display for a save up on cost; the XR has an LCD screen, which is less sharp than compared to the OLED display of iPhone XS Max. Well, if you are up to buy anyone from both of them, then let me tell you that both of the phones are missing up the home buttons, as Apple has stopped inserting them into the newer models. The phone uses facial recognition for security. The XR has a deep notch screen larger compared too other phones.

While the XR 6.1 inch of the most advanced LCD used in a smartphone, Both of the phones are huge. But you can notice the difference between the resolution and screen.

Wellbeing honest, we can also not say that the XR’s display is not better or lags behind the screen of XS Max. Because in the iPhone models 8 and 8 Plus, the same LCD was used, but no one ever complained about the display. But in the XR, you will find perfect blacks from the XS. The XR has 326ppi, while the XS comes with 458ppi. Well, Apple removed the 3D touch from the screen of XR, but rumors that it will launch the 3D touch in its upcoming new models!

iPhone XR VS XS Max – Size And The Design

Iphone XS MAX

Apple hasn’t changed anything since the last of 2017, which is good, Because both phones own one of the sleekest and most elegant designs ever. The back of the XR is aluminum, while the XS Max has got a full stainless steel body. And the front with rear glass and the rounded corners and good notch cut on the top of the iPhone display.

The XR was one of the biggest surprises from Apple, as they delivered the same perfect design and face ID like the XS Max but with a meager budget.

Which was an excellent thing for the iPhone users who wanted the same quality of the phone, but at a lower price?

The iPhone XS Max is upgraded with some qualities like the Speakers. They are upgraded up to 25% of external speakers sound and eventually added on both left or right stereo channels.

One of the enormous upgrades is the Dual sim support with Nano and eSIM, Which is a great update for those who manage too many works at the same time.

This option is entirely new to the iPhone industry because it was the dual sim support that was never installed before in any iPhone.

The XR is also not coming slow, but with a wide range of colors. The XS Max comes with the Gold, Silver, and Space Gray colors While the XR comes with yellow, white, black, red, blue, and coral colors. And these colors are only a blessing for the XR, and it gets better for the XR.

iPhone XR VS XS Max – The Performance-Check

You will get confused to choose from both of the phones because both of them are having the most advanced A12 Bionic chip in the mobile industry. The chip consists of 6.9 Billion transistors, which makes it lightning fast. But the only difference that you will get through is the RAM, Because the XS Max has 4GB of RAM, while the XR has 3GB RAM.
It doesn’t matter Because iPhone inserted a 4GB RAM in the XS Max. After all, the iPhone X got slower, due to its dual camera.
iPhone XR is a single-camera phone, so it doesn’t need that much memory for it.
The A12 Bionic Chip consists of 6 CPU Cores and 4 GPU Cores, which makes even AR Apps load 30% faster than a regular iPhone.

Price Storage and Values

iPhone XR VS XS Max
iPhone XR VS XS Max
  • The XS Max starts with a price of $1,099 64GB, $1,249 for the 256GB and $1,449 for the 512GB
  • On the other side, the XR starts with a price of as low as $749 64GB, $799 128GB and $899 256GB

Wellbeing honest, it’s a perfect time for those who want to buy the XR. Because Apple is offering great deals in the trade-in deal of Apple shop, this phone is an ideal example of perfectness ever made by Apple. The XR comes in a variety of 64, 128, and 256GB of internal space, while the XS Max comes with some bigger space of 64, 256, and 512GB, which is enormous. But as we all know that a single person can not use all the area. The 64 and 128GB of space are perfect for an only person; all the data can be stored very quickly in the same area!
Well, it’s a fact that you can buy an iPhone XR of $300 cheaper than XS Max but with the same Specs and qualities, a very few differences. Isn’t it a great deal? You’ll have all the specifications of the iPhone XS Max in the iPhone XR for a lower price. Yes, of course, being an Apple user, I will recommend myself and you too the iPhone XR!

Cameras – Dual VS Single

iPhone XR VS XS Max
iPhone XR VS XS Max
  • The XS Max has a rear camera of 12MP dual wide f/1.8 and telephoto f/2.4 and a front camera with 7MP and f/2.2
  • On the other hand, the XR has a single rear camera of 12MP f/1.8 and front camera 7MP f/2.2

Cameras, iPhone cameras have always been the best cameras in the mobile market. There is no doubt about the concept! But now as you have to choose your new phone, then the camera is one of the essential things on your mobile phone.
The only thing that you will be missing in their camera is the 2X optical zoom. But both of the phones consist of the best cameras ever, as it can not beat androids lenses. But still, it’s cameras are straightforward to use. You can take perfect shots in the light with both of the phones.

The – Battery of both iPhone XR and XS Max

iPhone XR VS XS Max
iPhone XR VS XS Max

If you think that screen is the biggest concern b/w both of the phones, then this can change your perception. Because of the XR has beaten all the iPhone models in battery life. The XS Max has a 3,174 mAh battery, while the XR has a 2,942 mAh battery. Confused, am I right? You might be thinking that XS Max has a bigger battery than the XR, but how can XR beat it in battery with just a 2.942 mAh battery? It’s the truth because the XR can last up to 25% longer on a single charge. The XS Max can last up to 10:38 hours, but XR can last up to 11:26 hours.

Well, iPhone users have often been annoyed by the battery life of their phones, but this phone will change your perception. The phone is perfect at every angle; this phone is an explosion in the Apple market.

At Last – Which One Should You Buy? The iPhone XR or XS Max?

So, we did well comprehensive research on iPhone XR VS XS Max, and here we came out with a result!

Both of the phones have some great features, so which one to choose?

Well, yes, the iPhone XR doesn’t have most of the qualities which the XS Max has. But these are qualities that most of the customers will never care about.

But the long-lasting battery and a wide range of perfect colors with Red Finishes.

The XR can take perfect same quality photos with its rear back camera and can last longer than XS Max or any other model. So I think if you want to get all the qualities but affordable for you then this is the phone that you should buy.

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